Thursday, 10 November 2011


I expect most of the medical bloggers will be commenting soon about the latest move by the government to privatise the NHS. I think that the “Cockroach Catcher” has done an excellent job of summarising the situation so I will simply link to him.

And even before it has actually happened it is apparent that there are sleazy and distasteful aspects. Mark Simmonds MP apparently gets paid £400/hr to advise Circle, the company taking over the management of Hinchingbrook Hospital. Until now of course that money has come from the funds of Circle. Once the contract is implemented it will be coming out of your pocket, and mine. 

Simmonds and Circle are like hyaenas. They will kill the NHS and feast off it’s carcass. And when the carcass is picked clean they will move on with their bellies full.

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